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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

ding ding ding........we have a winner--actually 2!

Congratulations to
Trina & also Roon
---- trina's name was drawn from a hat & Roon won just because of the most awesome thing she commented on my blog>>mind you, i have NO IDEA who she is... hope she is from the CE board--BUT come out, come out where ever you are and claim your Creative Escape CD!
thought i would share what she wrote! i am glad people are getting me..............

Hi - was just passing by and happened to stop. You have such a full, beautiful and complete life. I've seldom seen anyone so blessed and happy about their life and their friends... tells a story on what kind of friend you yourself are. Heres wishing that your fairy tale life continues to get better.... this planet sure could do with more happy people like you.

don't fret ladies, i do have more CD's you just need to post a comment.........
and your name gets entered into the hat!

more lo's for my CE album...

just having fun... if only i had more hours in the day! the first 2 pics were other lo's i did over the weekend..... the NEW luggage tags were POST CE gifts for all of the CD's i sent out! enjoy! :O)

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i am creating......

a 12x12 album for all of those awesome memories from Creative Escape! Can't wait until it is done.. i have alotted myself 1 hour for each lo, so i think that is a good timeframe! and i am actually getting things DONE!

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my CJ post Creative Escape 2006

these are pictures of my POST Creative Escape CJ 2006--Laurie is the next one to get my album, and I can't wait to see what she adds! The ribbon on the front & the dangling glass flowers were from my quickutz basket that i won! enjoy:O) There is a direction page, a sign-in page and then of course my 2 recipes which are: butternut squash casserole & apple cake! Both of these are too die for! What i loved most about my CJ was that i used the Basic Grey magnets, so each girl can take them out & make photo copies! So i am all about making it easier for my friends!

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Monday, October 02, 2006

this is what i did over the weekend....

i was off.... imagine-- want to scrap, been dying to scrap... i have 3 more lo's done but can't share them-- sooon, enough i hope! AND , NO, no contests ladies, just some gifts! that is all i can say!

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an amazing time---

guess this will be the end of my posts about CE for awhile-- like really how much can I share, how much do you really want to know about my girlies and how much they mean to me!
i am blessed...... Posted by Picasa

important things to me.....

my hs clock.... love it, love it, love it! guess all my family KNOWS what they will be getting for Christmas!
my 12x12 BAZZILL album--another gift from CE! they thought of everything! Posted by Picasa

am i the ONLY ONE that gets sentimental........

when these things end??? i long to see my friends again, i look forward to hearing from them, LOVE to hear about what is new... i hate the waiting of WHO is going to plan what we are going to do next year..... i wonder if they feel the same.... so i made each one of my girlies this & something else... can't ruin it ALL! i took all of the CE pics, PLUS the ones that some sent to me, added music, transitions, fades a ttitle & credits and then i was done--everytime i watch it, i cry!!!! keep your eye on your mailboxes ladies! Posted by Picasa

yes..........i got a tattoo!!!!!

I had always wanted one, well for the past 15 years-- when I first started dating my DH, we went together--I chickened out! He went on, about 3 years later to get one-- I never did, well until we all went to creative escape.. kim came, she held my hand & was my tattoo photographer! thanks girly!

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my loot!

Yes, I NEVER win ANYTHING--HOWEVER I was the grand prize winner of the gift baskets at Creative Escape! If you scroll down--you can see the contents of what was in the awesome striped box! It was extremely heavy & YES, I did have to pay to have it shipped home! $147.00 that includes the shipping & the insurance!
AND..... since those of you that know ME, know all about my anniversary or should I say lack of--- this was just the icing on my cake!

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