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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

no introduction needed.....

SHE is real, SHE is down-to earth, SHE is approachable, SHE gave us awesome MEMORIES of a TRUE scrappers indulgence... SHE gave of herself with her mind, body and spirit, SHE shared her family with us, SHE is truly a remarkable, brave & confident woman, SHE is one of US! SHE gave us memories to last for a lifetime, the inspiration SHE gives us on a daily basis is nothing short of amazing! SHE is Heidi Swapp, SHE is real & THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts for the memories you bestowed upon us at the 1st annual Creative Escape! So gf, please tell us what it is like to re-live a dream?? Inquiring minds want to know!

Then there is Donna Downey--the ULTRA KEWL, THE ULTRA hip Donna Downey! Another REAL scrapper, so living on this planet scrapper. And YES, I did compare her to Tiger Woods--meeting Donna Downey was like ME golfing with Tiger Woods in the masters! No mind you ladies, I don't GOLF! I scrap! Meeting her was like a breath of fresh air... We shared a smoke, I tried my hardest to get her to spill the beans as to the classes she will be teaching at Magical Memories in the spring of '07 but NO go! I hate secrets--so i willl secretly admit that I have 6 spots reserved for me & all of my girlies and HAVE no clue what she will be teaching, how is that for lame?? Hey if Donna is teaching it, it will ROCK, cause SHE does! hugs to you gf!

Then there is US! I can not think of any cooler friends on the planet then these chicks! I am in AWE of the friendship we have created and feel blessed everyday to have them all in my life! Yes, we were the LOUD & obnoxious table in the WAYYYY back, we had fun, we laughed, & joked and made it our own! We made memories and that is what it is all about! Posted by Picasa

NOT a better bunch of friends....

could a girl have! I know, I know this blog posting has been waiting in the wings forever! To think that we met at Heidis SHE track in October 0f 2005 and we have bonded like this has been amazing! I cherish their friendships, they all bring something different & important to my life!
This>>>>>is me & my BEST friend Kim, she was my room-mate, my drinking partner, my tattoo friend--NO, she did not get one but was with me the entire time & even held my hand while I got my belly button pierced! what a girl! We cried when we said good-bye at the airport>>>it was BAD! BUT I love her to death and can't wait to see her in November!
These are my SHE chickies! Karen & the infamous Kristin Bruno (on the left!) Somehow, Some way Kristin & I bonded, I talk to her on the phone almost 4-5 times a week and have found myself TRULY bleseed by her friendship! We (me, Kim, Karen & Kristin) will meet again in November to scrap and celebrate Kristins b-day!
This is one of those pics I LOVE--taken by a complete stranger! gotta love them! From the left: Julie--she was NEW to our group, ME, Jill-in-Texas, Chiara, & Kim! More pics to come, I am feeling sick today>> cold, cough & fever....when I see these pics, they make me HAPPY! I feel honored to call these girls my friends! Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

another SHE/CE goodie......

this is dedicated to the ULTRA FABULOUS HEIDI SWAPP cause she just ROCKS and all of my other SHE girlies, that I can't wait to see again! THis is gonna be an awesome trip!
hugs, me Posted by Picasa