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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

they are FINALLY home....

and i am a happy clam... now to get ready for school, finish school shopping, have ryan finish his book report and START packing for MY Creative Escape... only 22 days left.. getting so excited, will AGAIN miss them, but i need a break! The second oic here is my niece Ashley on the left , her gf Ally and of course>>>> my boys....
my rolodex cards... another thing to cross of of my list!  Posted by Picasa

Sunday, August 13, 2006

my scrap nook......

not big, not elaborate, but it is all mine...can you believe i just last week, while the boys were gone, i got the light, then i can have the ceiling re-done, and cover up them nasty pipes! And yes, there is a pic right in the middle of me & heidi, that was made for me by my gf from 2 peas (howjudiofyou) and then my ribbon storage, love it but need like 10 more of them!

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my wall words.......

corny, i know but i love them! the first is right above my puter desk so i can stare at these boys all day long, if i want too, and the other is above my patio door in the family room!
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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

those lil cd albums---

the first is for someone special... can'te tell cause i know she reads this! the second is of course for me & dh! our 2 crown jewels! and the third is for my grandma who TURNS 90 this week! thanks Angela from the Scrapbook Cafe in tuckerton for the easy directions! hugs to you!

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Monday, August 07, 2006

while the boys are STILL away...

yes, they are still gone, well ty just left yesterday... but ryan has been gone for a week! i have been trying to keep myself occupied, working, scrapping, cleaning, organizing and today 1 of my best friends, corey is coming over to visit! sooooo.... this is what i was keeping myself busy with! my donna downey inspired cd album! tfl! :O)

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Sunday, August 06, 2006

my favorite one..

well really i like them all since they are my kids.. but then again i am kinda partial! :O) this is a heidi swapp mask with texture magic by delta over it--picked up in M's with my coupon!  Posted by Picasa

when boredom strikes... beware!!!!!!!!

then i must get cracking on some pictures i just randomly print off and leave the stack on top of my desk! Can't wait til Creative Escape! We are going to have a blast... Can't wait to see my girls... Kim, Chiara, Jill, debi, & the others! I need to make a packng list & get moving, i did BUY a new set of luggage and will have it all blinged out for my trip! Very EXCITED but at the same time nervous.. i have not flown in almost 10 years and that was with DH on our honeymoon to St. Lucia! yikes!

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